What We Do

REDBOX is the business services partner that cares about adding value to our business. Our highly experienced team work closely with their partners to truly understand their needs and through a personalised approach deliver a truly tailored solution that’s just right for every different situation.

Adding value to partners as a Procurement Facilitator, Graphics and Studio Supplier, managing Multiple Categories and General office supplies, REDBOX has been providing ethical and sustainable solutions for their partners for over 30 years.

How We Do It

We listen to our clients and their needs. Never entering a room with an answer in mind, we make the solution fit the brief. As their partner, we place our clients at the heart of our service. It is up to us to find a solution that works for them.
We care about the impact we have on the planet. Through the careful selection of suppliers and continuous improvement in our processes, we always work towards delivering on our sustainability goals.
We deliver on our promises. From the smallest request to the largest of projects, REDBOX works with our clients to find the answers and deliver the right solution. Anything less isn’t good enough.
Our approach is simple; we listen to your needs, understand your pain points and work with you to achieve your goals.
That’s what keeps our clients coming back again and again, and has done for 30 years.

Why We Do It

REDBOX acknowledges that within the purchasing of goods and services it should take into account how things have been made, the ethical origin and how they will be disposed of. As a reseller of a wide range of goods; we are also committed to using suppliers who, like ourselves, wish to provide a safe and inspiring working environment for their staff, and a quality product and service for our customers. This policy has been developed to implement a sustainable way of working.

We also consider our suppliers’ commitment to minimising their environmental impact.

Sustainably Run

What We Do

Sustainably Run helps to create sustainable and productive communities throughout the developing world, by financing the teaching and empowering of rural groups to grow sustainable, renewable forests for agriculture and food, water collection and filtration and animal habitat. This is achieved through the provision of education and teams of dedicated individuals in the field who train, support and facilitate hope for members of communities to build better lives for themselves.

Why plant trees? Because they change lives. They provide food and forage for animals. They increase agricultural yields, improve water infiltration and aquifer recharge, and protect soils from wind and water erosion.

Where We Do It

Sustainably Run have planted trees and provided a sustainable lifestyle to communities in Africa, the Americas and Asia.

During 2017, Sustainably Run focused on a large project in the Usambara Mountains of Tanzania, one of Africa’s poorest countries, suffering from widespread deforestation and associated poverty, Sustainably Run have planted ¼ Million trees.

These trees will not only provide employment and a sustainable way of life to the communities there but will also absorb 6250 metric tonnes of harmful co2 greenhouse gas each year.

Why We Do It

Having been head-hunted to work in Durban in South Africa, Sustainably Run’s founder Marvin Baker witnessed first hand the poverty suffered by communities who by the lottery of birth had been born into a life less blessed than his.

He returned to the UK to dedicate his life to ending poverty and his investigations lead to the realisation that what he had witnessed was caused by deforestation and the use of mono-crop farming to satiate the West’s desire for food.

His goal was simple, reforest and re-educate these communities and provide them with sustainable agroforestry farms and tree nurseries that will be there for generations to come and thus, Sustainably Run was born.