Hanne & Co


Hanne & Co Solicitors are a leading law service provider with roots their roots firmly set in Battersea, London.

Throughout the years the firm has been at the forefront of legal services provision and have established departments in numerous legal disciplines. Hanne & Co place huge importance on client care and integrity. The firm has conducted a number of high profile cases, which have been reported, and we are proud to maintain our standing and reputation in the provision of legal services.

Hanne & Co has joined the Red2Green initiative, in partnership with RedBox Group and Sustainably Run, and has committed to planting hundreds of trees.

By planting hundreds of trees each year, Hanne & Co helps to counterbalance the environmental impact of its business and their global practices. The trees planted will provide food, income and education to communities in the developing world.

Hanne & Co – Red2Green Partner


The Candle Factory,
112 York Road, London,
SW11 3RS

Website: www.hanne.co.uk

Hanne & Co – Red2Green Partner